High Achievers Coach International Academy (HACIA) wishes to encourage all our valued stakeholders to take the COVID – 19 pandemic seriously. All learners are required to stay at home and use the available time wisely engaging in productive study experiences during this break. We have also instructed our members of staff to use the strategy of social distancing until the situation clears.

As Zimbabwe’s Premier Academic Coaching Centre, High Achievers Coach International Academy has come up with a dynamic, remote and impersonal, April 2020 Revision Camp. This semi virtual revision approach is designed to accomplish better results than those achieved over the years.

Learners will be monitored safely at home by their parents/guardians as they:-

  • Blast (blow up or break apart subject challenges and delights)
  • Master (acquire complete subject based knowledge and examination techniques)
  • Tasks (skilfully selected wide range achievement assignments).

During the initial stages, there will be no contact between the learners and facilitators until the situation improves. The strategy we intend to employ is the brainchild of Dr Tapera Chikandiwa, the Director of Studies and Founder of HACIA.  This exciting innovation is the first of its kind locally and internationally. Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary strategies and manoeuvres.

HACIA will employ unique strategies inspired by the Blastmaster Approach and systematically designed to equip learners with the recipe for success on a lifelong basis. This approach is a refinement the original Taskmaster Approach, an exclusive product of Hacia. The Centre is proud of its proven track record, littered with countless success stories. We are determined to do everything within our ability to ensure that learners who pass through our gates become Achievers for Life. At the end of this paper we will answer one exciting question. Just read on!


  1. General Information

The Virtual Revision Camp Fees and enrolment details will be available upon request through the following Hotlines: –   

  • Whatsapp Numbers +263 727 727 117/+263 719 727 117/+263 772 544 518
  • Landline Numbers +263 242 – 882304/882798/884462

2. Payment for the  April 2020 Virtual Revision Camp – UNCHANGED

Due to the complex nature of this term’s operation, all learners are required to pay the required fees upfront. Extended Payment Terms (not recommended) will be given to known clients upon satisfactory requests and payment proposals. THE REVISION CAMP IS NOT COMPULSORY. To get Holiday Fees details and enrollment please phone +263 772 727 117.

3. Collect sanitised BLAST TASK BOOKS  –

Each learner will be provided with a well researched and structured Subject Specific Blast Master Booklet. Contents of each booklet are carefully arranged in line with the subject syllabus. Tasks booklets are only available to enrolled learners as physical documents.

4. Operation Blastmaster – Wide Range Achievement Assessment

In the comfort and safety of his/her home, the learner is required to settle down with or without supervision to complete just one Blast Task/Day/Subject. It will not be a crime to do two tasks.

Do not use textbooks, notes or the internet when answering the given tasks. Textbooks can only be used for corrections upon receiving FEEDBACK. The concept being applied here is called WIDE RANGE ACHIEVEMENT TEST (WRAT) and it produces phenomenal results when applied in conjunction with PLAP.

5. Double Pages Strategy to allow effective PLAP

Each Task must be hand written on a Double A4 Page. High Achievers Coach International Academy will provide the double page samples. Using the Performance Lag Address Programme (PLAP) Techniques, the Facilitators will provide detailed comments on each task to buttress learning.

6. Systematic Feedback Strategy

Our highly trained Cambridge Coaches/Tutors/Facilitators will assess each learner’s responses in line with expected Cambridge Mark Schemes, Examiner Reports and Recommended/Endorsed Text Books. This Remote Assessment and Feedback strategy is based on years of institutional experience in remedial tutoring.

7. Drop Off Zones

After completing a minimum of 4 days tasks’, depending on prevailing regulations, parents/guardians may deposit BLAST TASKS BAG 1 into the DROP IN BIN at High Achievers Coach International Academy. The work collected will be sanitised and presented for assessment to the Remedial Coaching Specialists, and the feedback process will commence after 6 days through the respective facilitator.

No Human Contact is allowed during the drop in process. Any communication must be within World Health Organisation recommended distances and remember these may continue to change.

Total Lockdown is looming and we have planned with this in mind. Further details will be communicated upon enrolment.

8. Collection Zones

Assessed work may be collected when the second batch will be dropped in. Clearly marked collection Zones will be located by direction signs and the process of collection must take less than 2 minutes with ZERO human/human contact.

Parents/Guardians will just Display the Name of Learner and Enrolment Number to the DESPATCH DESK. An A4 TAG will be provided to each learner on enrolment. The assessed work parcel and plastic envelope will be sanitised several times before being collected from the Academy.

9. Facilitators’ Hotlines – To be provided on Enrollment

NETONE has availed 14 Hotlines to the school for Whatsapp Calls, Group Discussions and Individual Remedial Solutions. Video Clips explaining specific subject areas will be availed to learners when needed.

Code Named Facilitators (CNF) will be available online to assist learners in interpreting the Blastmaster Tasks where necessary via Whatsapp, Google Classroom, Emails YouTube or any other means possible. Our thirst for innovation and bench-marking has just started. The student Enrollment Number must be used when connecting to the CNF.

10. Face to Face Engagement

The COVID – 19 pandemic shall come to pass. We will, at some point in life, experience storms in our lives; dark periods that at times may appear like they will last forever. However, nothing in life is permanent or cast in stone forever. Our experiences and feelings like most things such as storms are transient, before moving on, and making way for the sun to shine once more.

When the current situation stabilises, we will embark upon a program during which all learners will go through their physical and receive more comments from their facilitators. This will serve as an excellent recap strategy. The window period for this process will be advised.

11. Why HACIA is avoiding 100% online learning for now?

We strongly feel that our learners and local systems are not yet ready for 100% Online Programs. Time is however coming when the HACIA Online School shall take hold of Offline School. This time has not yet arrived! Consider the following factors:-

  • Sitting on a computer for online education may have some health and psychological constraints. There are possibilities for eye strain, lack of physical exertion leading to stress. The learners may lose appetite (not even feel hungry) and even develop unhealthy food habits. When running an online course it is a good practice to send out guidelines about correct sitting posture, desk height and recommendations for regular breaks. It has also been found out that the online learner lacks enthusiasm. The human is a social being and will be more interested in direct tuition than virtual tuition. Enthusiasm sparks curiosity and the desire to achieve impossible goals.
  • There is high probability of the learner developing a sedentary habit. This means that he/she sits in-front of the PC for a long time which makes his/her body sedentary with fewer chances for physical activity. In young learners, this can be a major problem because they are in the age of rapid physical and mental development. They, therefore require proper physical activity for better growth.
  • The combination of online learning with regular schooling gives better benefits and advantages than regular schooling or online schooling alone. For regular school going children, online education can provide added benefits in education and learning. Face to Face education develops a total person, with discipline and capacity to survive in the diverse world we live in.

12. The Innovation Hub Africa – Our Brand New Baby!

The Innovation Hub Africa (TIHA) is geared to transform the Art of Learning in Zimbabwe. In our view, growth comes at the point of resistance. We learn by pushing ourselves and finding what really lies at the outer reaches of our abilities. According to Josh Waitzkin, the key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic, long-term learning process, and not to live in a shell of static, safe mediocrity. Usually, growth comes at the expense of previous comfort or safety.

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