Online Learning Strategy for High Achievers Coach.

2020 Term 2 STRATEGIES POST 1.

NB: This message is a must READ and a must ACTION.

High Achievers Coach International Academy would like to inform all parents, guardians and learners about the exciting developments taking place through our very own Innovation Hub Africa. The new Twin Complex now known as The Innovation Hub Africa is almost 70% complete. The completion of this unique complex has coincided with the start of Covid – 19 pandemic to The Glory of God.

The Innovation Hub Africa (TIHA) concept was officially launched by Saul Nasse’, the Group Chief Executive Officer for Cambridge Assessment Group on 5 February 2020. This is a clear testimony that Hacia is rated a world class institution.

We now request all our parents/guardians to ensure for now that their children have the following:-

  1. Smart Phone/iPad/ or Laptop
  2. Mobile Network Cell Line with Whatsapp function.
  3. Working Desk and Chair at home. ( lf the worst comes the school may loan for free desks and chairs to registered learners)

The Pilot April 2020 Revision Camp One on One has succeeded. We are more that ready to unleash Hac Online Academy if the Lockdown is extended into Term 2

Kindly send your child’s Whatsapp and email address to the following numbers without delay:

+263719227701 Form 1
+263719227702 Form 2
+263719227703 Form 3
+263719227704 Form 4
+263719227705 Lower 6/Form 5
+263719227706 Upper 6/Form 6

+263719227715 Primary School
+263719227717 For Hac Online Academy Administrative Issues Only

Online Learning has advantages and hazards. The school will control usage to avoid abuse possibilities.

Dr. Tapera Chikandiwa

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